Remote DBA Support

Are you looking for a reliable Database Support Partner ?

With Onsys you will get 24 X 7 Remote Database Support from our Pool of database experts to reduce operational costs.

Complete, professional and flexible remote database services

No matter how big or small your Database Infrastructure can be, Onsys Remote DBA service will manage it up to your satisfaction.  You’ll be able to focus on your clients while our experts manage the database platform 24 x 7.

Why Onsys Remote DBA?

Increase efficiency

Onsys Database experts work together with your team to  monitor, support and improve database infrastructure.

improve availability

Onsys offers 24×7 service coverage to improve availability of critical database infrastructure.

Increase resource pool

With Onsys DBA support, you do not need to worry about staff sick days, vacations, absences and employee turnover

Reduce costs

With Onsys DBA you could save up to 50% costs over in-house DBA while getting higher level of services.

Fast Response Time

Our staff will attend to database problems immediately, resolve incidents, investigate root cause and provide an incident report to minimise recurring incidents

Experienced Consultant

You would get best consultancy from Onsys specialists who are certified professionals, with years of industry experience in cutting-edge database technologies.

Do you know that Onsys Remote DBAs are available around-the-clock, and they can handle all DBA tasks which inhouse DBA Usually performs?

  • Emergency support

    Every database outage would cost money, damage the reputation and impact user confidence. Onsys Remote DBA will restore services, perform root cause analysis to minimise unplanned outages.

  • 24X7 remote database support

    Onsys Remote DBA assists to resolve database incidents and keep databases up and running ensuring availability. Our dedicated on-call DBA is ready to assist you 24 X7.

  • Managed database services

    Onsys Managed Database Services will monitor your database environment, handle events & alarms, resolve incidents, manage problems and implement changes following ITIL Service Delivery model.

  • Project support

    Onsys Remote DBA provides dedicated or on-demand database experts to support all the stages of the projects including solution designing, project management and  implementation. Our fixed price project support model will give you peace of mind, while our specialists deliver projects on time within the agreed budget.

  • Ad-hoc DBA support

    Onsys DBA helps to manage unplanned resource requirements, including back-fill staff, project implementations and fixing issues

  • Database consultancy

    Onsys DBA provides technical consultancy and expert advice to resolve performance issues, migrate to new platforms, migrate to clouds, plan disaster recovery options and install new database infrastructure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ad-hoc DBA support work?

Our team will allocate a technical consultant to discuss the requirement and propose a solution with an estimate.  Assigned DBA will attend to the required work remotely using WebEx, Microsoft Team or VPN. Our team will send an invoice for the agreed estimate once the work is completed.

Does Onsys offer long term contracts?

Yes, We offer long-term support contracts with service level agreements (SLA) to suit your requirements.

Is it secure to perform database work remotely?

Yes, we use tools such as Microsoft Team, Webex or VPN to connect to your database infrastructure remotely and perform the work. You can disconnect or close the secured connection once database support task is completed.

We don’t have VPN for third party. Can we use Onsys Remote DBA services?

Yes, we can use WebEx or Microsoft Teams to have a screen share session to assist you remotely. You will have the total control  and monitor activities.

Do we need a NDA to start the work?

It depends on  the policy of your organization and please contact us to arrange a NDA if required.

Monthly Packages – Managed Services

  • 24 X 7 DBA PLAN-A
  • from
    + GST/ per month
  • 5 SQL Server instances
  • 2 Oracle databases
  • Response within 2 hours
  • Secured remote support
  • 10 professional hours included
  • Monthly health check
  • 5Tb total data size
  • Additional work will be billed at $125/hr in 30-minute increments
  • Monthly time-sheets
  • Setup automated database alerts and notifications
  • 24 X 7 DBA PLAN-B
  • from
    + GST/ per month
  • 10 SQL Server instances
  • 4 Oracle databases
  • Response within 1 hour
  • Secured remote support
  • 20 professional hours included
  • Daily database health check
  • 20Tb total data size
  • Additional work will be billed at $120/hr in 30-minute increments
  • Monthly service management meeting, reports with time-sheets
  • Setup automated database alerts and notifications
  • 24 X 7 DBA PLAN-C
  • from
    + GST/ per month
  • 25 SQL Server instances
  • 10 Oracle databases
  • Response within 1 hour
  • Secured remote support
  • 45 professional hours included
  • Daily database health check
  • 50Tb total data size
  • Additional work will be billed at $110/hr in 30-minute increments
  • Weekly service management meeting, reports with time-sheets
  • Configure automated database alerts and notifications

Ad-hoc DBA Support

  • from
    + GST/ per hour
  • Certified & experienced consultants
  • 24 x 7 Remote support
  • Pay for actual hours used
  • Pre-booking is required
  • Suitable for performance tuning, troubleshooting, emergency support, database health checks and short-term projects.
  • Quick way to on-board a remote DBA
  • Bill on completion of the work

We understand that each business is unique, and you may have different requirements. We’ll discuss your needs and provide a tailor-made solution for your specific business environment.


  • Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c,18c, 19c
  • RAC, Dataguard, TDE
  • Database migration
  • Cloud migration
  • Platform migrations
  • CPU, PSU and upgrades
  • Performance Tuning
SQL Server
  • SQL Server 2005-2008/R2, 2012/14/16/17/19
  •  Replication, Mirroring, Log Shipping
  • Compression, TDE, Backups
  • AlwaysOn Availability Groups Replica
  • AlwaysOn Failover Clustering
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Upgrade, Migration and Patching
  • Performance Tuning
  • Oracle to EBD Postgres migration
  • Performance tuning
  • Enterprise Manager
  • Installation and configuration
  • Data Migration
  • EDB subscriptions
  • Backup and recovery
MySQL/ MariaDB
  • Installation and configuration
  • Clustering and replication
  • Performance tuning
  • Backup/Restore
  • Migration


BAU Activities
  • Database patching and upgrades
  • DR planning & execution
  • Monitor OS events, DB errors/warnings
  • Monitor and handle disk spaces, memory, I/O & CPU issues
  • Database backup/restore and configurations
  • Ad-hoc Query writing/execution
  • Security administration
  • Index & statistics maintenance
  • Application upgrades and patching
  • Agent job creation, execution and monitoring
  • Database backup/restore and refresh
  • Monitor scheduled maintenance tasks
  • Integrity checking
  • Assist with application upgrades and patching
  • Performance monitoring
  • Any other database support activities
Platform Improvements
  • Patching, upgrades and new installations
  • Planning and designing new database infrastructures
  • Implementation of high availability solutions
  • Implementation of SSAS, SSRS and SSIS solutions
  • Architectural designing and documentation
  • Database development tasks
  • Project planning and management
  • Installation and configuration of Oracle RAC
  • Oracle Dataguard installation and configuration
  • Installation and configuration of AlwaysOn high availability groups
  • Migration & decommissioning of infrastructure
  • Patching, upgrades and new installations
  • Cloud migration (Oracle Cloud, AWS and Azure)
  • Platform migration
  • License and cost optimization
  • Oracle to EDB Postgres migration
  • Design, installation and configuration of SQL Server cluster solutions

Supported Database Platforms

Partner Accreditation

Monthly Package - Remote 24 X 7 DBA PLAN-A

Monthly Package - Remote 24 X 7 DBA PLAN-B

Monthly Package - Remote 24 X 7 DBA PLAN-C

Ad-hoc/On-call DBA

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