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Onsys helps organizations in digital transformation journey with cloud services. We design reliable, secured and cost optimized cloud adoption strategy to support the digital transformation strategy of your organization.

Cloud readiness assessment

A cloud readiness assessment is a process, identifying a list of services, technology components, applications and processes to move to a cloud platform with minimum impact to business. It needs business decision makers to lay out a business roadmap and Onsys will help with cloud assessment to evaluate the readiness to achieve the business outcome.

Cloud adoption strategy

Onsys helps clients to move applications and services to the cloud with the best possible path to improve availability, optimise costs, understand risks and reduce complexity. We understand the enterprise architecture and design a cloud adoption strategy to drive business outcome.

Architecture design

Onsys assists cloud migration journey by designing highly available, secured and cost optimised cloud Architecture.

Cloud computing

Organizations need highly available and scalable computing power to host and run critical business applications. Onsys helps to create cloud computing resources to securely host your applications and scale with increased load.


  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Amazon Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Private Cloud
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We design reliable, secured and cost optimized cloud adoption strategy to support the digital transformation of your organization.

Cloud Connectivity

Onsys helps to identify best possible connectivity requirements, bandwidth, redundancy to connect on-prem data centres with cloud resources. We handle end-to-end configuration connectivity including firewalls and network equipment to provide reliable connectivity.

Cloud monitoring, administration and support

It is essential to monitor usage, response to events/notifications and manage cloud infrastructure to increase availability and reduce downtime. Onsys offers comprehensive cloud monitoring and administration service to manage the cloud resources.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration journey starts with identifying business needs, assess the readiness , design architecture to support the business roadmap to migrate to the cloud with minimum business impact to daily operations.

Cloud backup

Comprehensive backup and recovery strategy are essential to meet business, regulatory and compliance requirements. Onsys offers cost effective, secured and reliable backup solutions to clients to meet business demand.

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